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Sound Reduction from your Secondary Glazing

Keeping sound in – 70% of people admit to feeling harassed by noise Loud music remains the main source of noise complaints in England, Scotland & Wales. Secondary glazing is an excellent solution for Hotels, Pubs & Clubs or factory’s close to housing to keep noise in.

New Glass Technology

Acoustic laminated glass (Silence) is the latest product to come onto the market. Two sheets of glass are bonded together with a 0.76mm thick layer of special acoustic polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Solaglas estimate a 20% improvement over standard glass. Taking this increase into account when installed into our secondary glazing a reduction of 44-45dBs should be easily achievable.

Silence Glass is a safety glass so can be used in safety critical areas and meets the requirements of BS6206.

Live right up to your windows

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How does sound travel?

Sound travels through the air like ripples on a pond surface when a stone is dropped into it. The sound radiates outwards in all directions from the source, gradually reducing in intensity or until an object stops its progress. Sound (dB Decibels) Sound is described in different ways but primarily in terms of intensity and frequency. The sound intensity is described in dB. A low dB indicates a soft sound, a high dB value indicates a loud sound. Frequency describes how high or low pitched the sound is (Hz). Sound Reduction A sound’s volume set at 60dB decreased by… -3dB is just perceptible -5dB clearly noticeable -10dB Half the original volume Recommended Indoor Ambient Noise Levels Dwellings: Bedrooms 30-35dB Living rooms 30-40dB Offices: Private 35-40dB Open plan 45-50dB Typical noise levels 50 metres overhead aircraft 140dB Car alarm 120dB Passing train 90dB 20 metres from busy carriageway 78dB 20 metres from busy main road 68dB



Secondary Glazing increases the energy efficiency of your home, helping to reduce your energy bills.



Secondary Glazing provides an additional barrier and therefore provides improved security.