Secondary Fly Screen

Secondary Fly Screens
Project Description

One of the most commonly used forms of secondary glazing for restaurants and also houses to keep the pests out

Ideal over typical 2 and 3 pane external casement windows, patio doors

There is no limit on the number of panels in one individual frame and frame length is up to 5.5m.  Frames can be joined catering for bigger windows/partitions etc.

3 Track option is available for maximum opening effect.

Panels are removable at any time.

Panels slide on nylon skids which run on a PVC track.  Heavy duty rollers are optional for heavy and narrow panes or simply to enhance a regular size slider.  Once rollers are fitted a regular healthy adult can slide panels with one finger!

Windows are opened via a handle running the full height of the panel and slide left or right as required.  When closing the unit it may be necessary to hold panel closed while shutting the other if locks have not been fitted, this is quite normal and is due to the tight tolerances in which the unit operates.

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